EP 29 – Subscribe to your podcast competition

This particular episode is about subscribing to your competition. Why would you want to do that? Oh, there's so many re

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EP 29 – Subscribe to your podcast competition

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This particular episode is about subscribing to your competition. Why would you want to do that? Oh, there's so many reasons. First of all, you have to know what's going on out there. You have definitely aware and alert and you you want to know what you're up against? Because how are you going to formulate what you're going to do if you don't know what's going on out there? Yeah, we'll talk about that in full detail in this episode. And I just want to ask everybody to review us on Apple podcast if you haven't yet.


We're just trying to help everybody become successful at podcasting, growing your audience, monetizing, of course making money, which is part of monetization. Hey, you know what you're doing your stuff will revert view you? Yes, we're view you as well. And we just want people it's our mission to make people better. We built the first Podcast Network ever, in 2005, which is the Long Island Podcast Network. The longest running Podcast Network is the Long Island Podcast Network. And then we converted it to the New York City podcast now where we are truly the longest running one. So definitely, if you haven't subscribed to us yet, nobody has more podcast in New York City Podcast Network at this point. So it's awesome and LatestPodcastEpisodes.com. Alright. So there are a lot of podcasts out there that are just like the one that you are all doing. And their competition. They are out there getting your audience members, maybe audience subscribers, they subscribe the more than one podcast, but you don't know that. Maybe they don't know that you're out there. But a competitive podcast is out there. And you want that audience member? Now, maybe, just maybe you should subscribe to that particular podcast, who has the same type of content? As you What do you think Megan?


Um, yeah, I always study the competition. Now, since I've been creating a woman's network, I had media girl network calm, yes, I have been looking at all the one podcasters all the other women who have created web pages, most of them have three or four podcasts on the home page, I want to make sure that what I am creating is going to be top quality. So I can actually take a little from here a little from here, and then make the absolute best, better than all I'll take from everybody else. And I'll make it mine and make it into a wonderful thing. So you always got to see what's out there. So you can add to yourself. Yes. Now as we were planning this episode, Megan came up with a very good saying, and the proverb is, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, but your competition might not be your enemy. We're all trying to help each other, get the message out. And it's not really a matter of who your enemies are. But you do have competition out there. And you do want their audience members to be part of your audience. Yes, you do. What do you think of that? I think that's smart. I think that's smart. I think that people have to be friendly to everybody.


I know I'm on LinkedIn and I get constant I mean, I mean maybe five or so LinkedIn is huge for new women messaged me women and all different types of things. Would you like to speak on my podcast? Would you like to speak at my conference? So women are especially maybe even more so than men friendly? I have found that women are are very friendly and I am engaging with them and right now the page is not fully developed. So a little you know, still looks good. Yeah, it still looks good. But you know, you got to network with your, with your competition as well as your audience. Of course, you got to network with them too, because the ideas that they're putting out you might not even think of, so if you subscribe to their podcast, it's a great way to see what type of episodes they are putting out that might be relevant to you and your audience. See, we didn't even know we did an episode I'm not gonna say what the episode was on.


I found a competitor's not looking I just ran across another woman on it. A man or what happens to be a woman doing the exact same topic? We did? Oh, really. And she added something that we didn't have. And it made me feel a little bad that maybe we left something out. But then I know we have a few things she didn't have. That's right. It was very interesting. I know she's not stealing from us. I don't. But I you know, you gotta see, I was very surprised that something we did was exactly out there. That's gonna happen, though, when you got similar podcasts overlapping content? Yes. I mean, that's always gonna happen. You just can't get around that. Yeah. But what I like about subscribing to the competition, as you might find an episode that you never thought of, and that you think that would be great for your audience. But you take a different take on it, like you have a different a different opinion or viewpoint. It's still good. Because what's interesting also about the search and rankings, remember, you want Google rankings for your podcast, you want your podcast to come up when people type in a certain keyword.


Now, it's interesting to know that when somebody is looking for a particular episode, and they go to Google, and they type in a particular episode, or excuse me keyword, they might find yours will come up on the first page of Google, if not the first ranking or the first, you know, listing. So it's important to do that. And I have found a lot of cool ideas in our podcast episodes schedule, by looking at other people's podcasts that are similar to us. Yeah, it's very interesting. You can do this. I had one of our most valuable one of our most valuable audience members reached out to me two weeks ago, and he told me that he had a guest on this podcast. Great has a guest. And then the guest himself also had a podcast. Yes, he did a similar episode with that title. Yeah, I didn't thank the guy. The first podcaster for having him on. But that happens with me, and I think that's a little sleazy, and backstabbing. But that's the way the world is. And you know, the world is backstabbing and sleazy the rational backstabbers out there, so you got to keep your guard up and take take take and you know, another good point, Bruce is, you know, be careful who you can find it?

Oh, yeah. When you talk to your competitor and say, I'm going to do five episodes on such and such, you got to not reveal too much of your plan there. Because Yeah, you just take it, and they'll come out with an episode before you. So you have to be a little guarded when you're dealing with your competition as well. But if the episode is already public, yeah, that's it. You can take your scribing to that person. And there are a podcast, and you can definitely take it. So this one is public domain. That's it. It's public domain right.


This is an idea that we were talking about. Another reason why you should subscribe to your competition. And I don't think Megan actually agree with this one. But I still think that's a good one. And that is, if you subscribe to your competition, and you'd like what they're putting out. Maybe you can collaborate with them on a specific episode. So you can combine your audiences. What do you think that? Well, I don't want to do that I like to keep to myself, but you know, it doesn't work. What works for one person doesn't always work for another as I'm kind of a private person, I would never reveal to somebody I was collaborating any information regarding about my future plans, because I want it to be a surprise for my audience. So I don't know how it's going to get out there. And I worked in movies and television, and we had a confidential we never revealed too much of what was going to appear. So I'm kind of conditioned to be a little more secretive than the average person, right? Well, that's fine and dandy. But if the competition has a bigger audience than you Oh, then it's then all games off. Yeah. Because I don't know align with them. And I want to join with them and, you know, make different agreements depends on who I'm dealing with. Yes, because remember, if the one thing that Antoinette Blake did with us was a dual podcast, and the dual podcast is we're not well, I admire her she you know, she she is she's, I don't know if would be too strong, but she's like my idol.


Yeah, this woman puts out on LinkedIn, the most gorgeous posts. She has amazing podcast, Delaware, blogger, podcaster, and something like dynamic voice which I she really has. It's on Saturdays at 10 or 11am. Every Delaware blogger and Delaware lager, she puts out something and I listen to it, and she she's in Anything, yes, a beautiful, charismatic woman. And she carries herself beautifully. I don't know if she knows how I feel about I like every post she makes on LinkedIn. And she's just, she's amazing. So what we did was we had a dual podcast now, that means that we're sort of guests on each other's shows. But we're not just guests, because we're kind of guest hosting on each other's show. And that's what I call a dual podcast, we can take the same episode, and put it up on both of our podcasts. So our audiences get introduced to the others. And I don't believe that, that she's a competition of us. I think she's more of a compliment to us where we copy each other. I see her as an Alliance's ally. I would love to highlight her and I am going to highlight her constantly but the way you treat a woman's network because yeah, she is she's everybody should admire and everybody should be right. But the way you write but the way you treat your likenesses is technically the same way you treat your competition. It's you look, it's basically Yeah, no, it's basically you treat them the same way. But you look at them differently, right?

The competition is more like someone you're kind of stealing content, sort of or using them and getting their audience not really stealing content but you know, but it's an alliance right and Alliance is more of someone that puts out similar content but you're not really stealing you kind of complementing what they do. That's why Antoinette and ni we did the dual one is very similar and content, she she trains people and students is podcasting. And we try to get people to do the same thing. So she's similar, yet different from us. Yes. Now, we are going to break and when we come back, we want to talk about a few more reasons why you want to subscribe to your competition.

Combining Audiences

You want to subscribe to your competition, because you might be able to entice them to collaborate with you. And you can combine audiences. That is more exposure for you. So we want to go on and talk about the fourth reason why you want to subscribe to your competition. And that is, you might want to see the ads that they are playing. Oh, wait, hold on a second. Some people don't like advertising, I get it. But advertising and sponsorships are the way to monetize. And I know a lot of podcasters do not want to always monetize. Yeah, I get it. But eventually, you do. Most of us need more money. We're doing a lot of work with these podcasts, right? I mean, youtubers even do more work than that. So I think when youtubers can get monetization opportunities for their videos, you know, they do a lot of editing, while you're doing a lot of editing as well. Right? podcasts have a lot of editing, you want to take out the bloopers, you want to, you know, whatever you do, like we do a lot of editing here, too. It costs time and time is money. So you want to be reimbursed for that. What ads are your competition podcasts or your podcast competition playing? It's very important to know that because whatever sponsorships they're getting, you might also want to get those same sponsorships. I mean, why not? It's a really good thing when you start monetizing, and playing similar ads, and maybe their ads are targeted. And when I say target, I mean, the ads and sponsorships that they're actually working with on their podcast episodes relate to the audience. And if your audience is the same as your competition's audience, and there's no reason why you can also go for the same ad, there are a lot of websites out there that do the ad placement for you. A lot of them want you to have at least 5000 people in your audience. So if you do, by all means, go for it. And that's the fourth reason we've got one more here. Before we end the episode.

That is, you know, just want to know, like what type of competition is worth subscribing to. So here are three reasons why you want to subscribe to your competition or the types. First of all, those that have more ratings than you do. That's important because ratings are everything. When people subscribe to your podcast, they look at the rate by the way, guys, please rate us, the more ratings you have. And the higher those ratings are, the more your audience is going to grow faster. The other reason you're the other type of podcast is one with more subscribers. You can see the subscribers on some platforms, you can not all of them, but maybe the number of downloads or views. I know that pod bean shows the number of downloads. So if your competition podcasts, or podcast competition, however you want to say that they have more downloads than you. There are another reason. Another type of podcast that you want to subscribe to. And the last type is just those your spec more. You do have people in your field that you respect and they probably have some pretty cool podcasts. That's basically it. And we are still going forward with tons of ways to help you guys succeed with your podcast. everyone listening I just want you to know this is my mission. And I'll see you in the next video. Well excuse me. We'll see you in the next podcast episode.

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