EP 5 – I Listened to Over 1,000 Podcast Episodes. Here Is What The Most Successful Podcasters Do

Hey, it's Bruce Chamoff become a successful podcaster. And listen, running a successful Podcast Network has led me to listen to 1000 podcasts actually over 1000 podcasts. And I notice from marketing p

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EP 5 – I Listened to Over 1,000 Podcast Episodes. Here Is What The Most Successful Podcasters Do

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Hey, it's Bruce Chamoff become a successful podcaster. And listen, running a successful Podcast Network has led me to listen to 1000 podcasts actually over 1000 podcasts. And I notice from marketing promoting over 300 podcasts, and over 20,000 episodes on the podcast network, I noticed what the most successful podcasts are doing. And what a lot of them are just not doing right what they are doing right now, first of all, do not misunderstand. There's no right and wrong way to do this. But just remember, you have a digital radio show. And you are people listening. It's all about them. It's not about you or your content. The question is, you want to help people with your content, you want to share your expertise, you want to become an authority. You want them to really love you. You want people to love you, right? And you want them to keep listening to your podcast.
What can you do to make it right? What do you think you're doing wrong? And what can you do? Right? Well, like I said, again, there is no way of doing anything wrong. However, there are things you can improve, to make people stick with you stick with you. And keeps describing and coming back time and time and time again. And I noticed a couple of things here I got about a little bit under 10 items I've noticed and these are statistics, I think every podcaster should notice because this is going to help them because I've listened to over 1000 podcast episodes, I've also looked at how they interact with the audience. So let's go over this and we'll talk about this in more details. First of all, let's just get these facts out of the way.
All right. So first of all, I noticed about 50% of podcasts have podcast guests on them. And the question is, the podcast guests help or hurt your podcast episodes. And sometimes having a guest my hurt, believe it or not, but in most cases, they actually help. We'll talk about that. Also, most of the podcasters do have a podcast introduction. Now I have an episode coming up with Donnie nettles, who has an amazing podcast, he gets a lot of interaction on iTunes. So you definitely want to stay on that one. When that comes out in the couple of days. That's about having, you know, introductions to your podcast and what that actually does.
Now, I also noticed that the average podcast episode last between 45 to 60 minutes. This podcast of mine last about 10 minutes. I don't think that I need to get my point across in 45 minutes. I want to keep it short and sweet and use the kiss rule keep Wheaton shorter, short and sweet. So my podcast stay between 10 to 15 minutes. But hey, most of the podcasts the average is 45 to 60 minutes. This might be you if your podcast is more Don't worry about it Joe Rogan his. I mean, he's doing well because he's got a million dollar deal here with Spotify. Sometimes these episodes are like three to four hours long. I don't know if I have that time to listen. I'm sorry. I you know, I think he's great. But you don't need your podcast to be that long. I'm sorry. And he actually plays two to three minute commercials. Let's talk about that one, too. Ah, this lovely one. About 60% of the podcast have commercials. And 40% don't I mean Trust me, I estimated this in my listening. Then the question is do you want to have commercials Do you not? This actually came up as a question from Frankton milk from the nice and Frank podcast when I did that. So I'll explain that to you. In another episode, we'll go over how commercials can actually help or hurt you. When we I know you want to monetize your podcast, the questions.
The question is does it does upset your your audience and will you lose audience members over it? So we'll talk about the correct way to have commercials on your podcast, but I can say right now that 60% you know, I mean they're making money. Question is, Do you notice a drop off in your audience? Okay, let's move on to the next one. Only about 90% of the podcast episodes are all talk. There's no news Or commercials? And the question is for 90% if somebody can somebody listened to you talk, I don't want to be harsh here. But you guys might not like me talking this much. Can people really listen to you talk for an average of 45 to 60 minutes? Maybe you want to break it up with some music. I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of podsafe music, you can go to New York City Podcast Network, we do have a podsafe directory of music, including my own music. You're welcome to go to my Spotify. Just search Bruce Chamoff and I five albums of original rock music, some ballots on there, you guys might want to play that on your podcast. Okay, let's keep on going. 90% of the podcasts are weekly 10% put out about three to four episodes per week. So that's a nice one, we can talk about that one in more detail. 75% have really good sound quality. And actually, that's not good, because 25% do not. And one of the most important things about a good podcast is good sound quality. Haha. Only 10% of the podcast episodes actually speak to the audience.
If you have multiple hosts, they just speak among themselves. They don't talk to the audience, which we'll talk about that. Now in this podcast, I'm actually talking to you. You're my audience. I'm talking to you. I'm keeping you engaged, at least I hope, hope you're not sitting there saying when is he going to finish this? I'm sick of his voice. And he's not playing any music. I get it. I get it. I will have some guests on here, the break up my voice. But I do want to educate you. All right. So big into that. Now, here's the thing. Before we get into that, I'm going to break for a quick, quick commercial break for you. And they'll come right back and we'll explain these things in more detail. Okay, we're back. Now, we talked about a couple of things here. And I just want to make this one change. Hang on a second. Okay, so about 50% of podcasts, have podcast guests. Now, let's talk about this one. Because I mean, you have to understand that I'm the only guest on my show, and I'm going to have them. I just started this podcast. I got a lot of people lined up for guests. And you'll you guys will come on, we'll talk and you know, the thing is that the people really love your voice. Now the thing is, do you guys hate my voice? Can you stand a whole podcast is just my voice? And maybe another host? Or does my voice annoy you? I'm sure my voice noise some people and I'm sure some people love it. The question is, do you want to bring on the podcast guests.
Now I'm going to have another episode here. So about podcast guess we'll go into more details. Because I do run on the New York City Podcast Network, I do run a guest exchange as well. Now you want to have guests. If people don't like your voice, or you just think, you know, if you don't have any music, or commercials, and people have to listen to your voice for 45 to 60 minutes. The question is, can you listen to somebody else? Speak for 45 to 60 minutes, and you don't say anything? You have to ask yourself that question because people get very bored real fast have one voice. And I hope you're not getting bored of mine. But that's just the way it is. You can use a guest because guests can break up your voice. And it's really good. But I will say this, you want to have guests on that do not talk monotone like this. Because people will you know, they will quit subscribing to your podcasts right away. And I've seen these people they go on zoom. And they have the zoom podcast right. And the thing about zoom is that it's great. But it makes people's voice. They come out it's makes them sound like the token into some kind of like phone. It's terrible. So you want to record your zoom podcast and let the guests come that way. And you can have two or three guests. You don't need one guest because after a while that guests voice also be comes a little boring. So you should have two guests on your podcast to break up your voice and the first guest voice. Or you can have some music, but we'll talk about that after. Alright, moving on to the next one. Most of the podcasters do have an introduction, and I have another podcast episode coming up for you with Donnie nettles on that one, from the showing up big podcast.
I think introductions are great. But if you're going to have a podcast introduction, you want to have a different one for every single episode. That's because after a while, that beautiful introduction with the voiceover and the professional music, the background music gets to be a little boring, and people have to search. We'll go into more details on that in this next episode. The next thing is I was talking about what's the average length of an episode and I said 45 to 60 minutes. Okay. And the question is, like I said before, Can people actually listen to you for that long? A one voice, maybe two or three different guests or hosts will break up some kind of monotonous stream of, of voice. I mean, you guys might be sick of my voice. That's why I don't do 45 to 60 minute podcast. I'm not saying don't do 45 to 60 minute podcast, I'm just saying because that's the average. But make sure your audience can handle it. It's really true. I'm telling the truth about this. Don't hate me for saying that don't hate the messenger. Or was it don't shoot the messenger? Don't hate. Don't shoot me or hate me? How's that? Only about 90% of the podcast episodes are all talk. I said this before. That's okay, for a 15 minute podcasts like this one. But after a while people want to hear something else like music or commercial or something, the breakup, the whole thing thing to break up your voice. That's okay, let's do it. Now. 90% go into the next 190 percent of the podcasts are weekly 10% put out three to four episodes a week. Now, I have a big thing about this. And I'll go into more detail in future episodes. But let's talk about this. Because 90% are weekly. The question is, you need to ask your audience that I mean, sorry, you need to ask the audience that question.
Hey, audience members, would you like me to put out more than one podcast a week? Because think about it. They might forget about you and that week and go find somebody else. I mean, how many times have you love a particular musical artist, and you want it you love the album so much are their songs so much, you can't wait for them to put out the next song, but they don't put out another song or an album for about three years. By that time you'll forget about them, podcasting, it's even quicker it's within the week. Believe it or not, audience members can forget about you in one week. I'm not saying they will. You might want to leave them wanting more. But I would say three to four episodes a week that's kind of a lot of work. If you have a full time business and you're doing this is great. I would say two to three episodes a week would probably be perfect for your audience. And if you know your your episode ahead of time, you can tell the audience that hey, our next episode is going to be this one. I mean they do it in TV all the time. Right. By the way, the next episode is going to be on the podcast introductions. The trailers no agricoles and trailers right. So that's pretty much it. Now let's go on to the next 170 5% have really good sound quality I think this one is self explanatory. And 25% do not have good sound quality. They either have some kind of I don't know some kind of noise in the background. Maybe a dog barking, maybe a baby crying or maybe they just don't have a great microphone. You know you want to get a really good microphone.
I use the Samson What is it you see what are some c one or c zero you wait let me Google that. Hang on. I want you guys to notice. I will type in you guys go to Google and you type in Samson USB mic, we're phone and you'll get this one. Hello I just had it she I can't find it now. Wait, Barry Hold on. This one is the C 01. acutely anyway this one is let me just type this one and see you see one you get the Samsung c 01 you microphone that's a USB mic. It's really great sound quality, and I've been using it for the last 15 years. That sounds excellent. I've also recorded my vocals that way as well. Okay, now 25% of the episodes I listened to need to improve the sound quality, I'm not calling anybody out. But you guys would know. And audience members will never subscribe without good quality guys. Anyway, in the last one, only 10% of the podcast episodes speak to the audience. Like I said this before. If you have multiple, first of all, you're by yourself. You're doing a soul podcast, you have to speak to the audience. I mean, I don't know what else you're going to do. Unless you have something about you know, you driving or whatever talking to a dog, you're talking to the audience. But if you have a co host, or guess you can't just talk to them. You need to talk to the audience get the audience involved, right? They do it all the time in game shows, and they do it all the time in concert, right? Say when you think about it, when you see a band playing or a musical artists, they don't just look at each other and play the music.
The singer just doesn't doesn't look at, you know, sometimes singer will look at a guitar player or a drummer, or whatever. Okay? Or maybe two singers will look at each other. But they almost always look at the audience, right? They're getting the audience involved. They're singing to the audience, not really thinking to each other. All right, maybe they are sometimes so listen. You if you have a couple of guests or two hosts, talk to each other and the audience get the audience involved. Tell them to leave comments. Right? Alright guys, listen, this is great. Subscribe to this podcast because I want to teach you how to be become the most successful podcasters Don't forget to check out pod no 2021 at New York City Podcast Network, NYC podcast network.com slash pod No. Dash two zero to one and I'll see you guys in the next episode.  

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