EP 36 – How To Make Single-Host Podcasts Work

You are listening to become a successful podcast with Bruce Chamoff. And this particular episode addresses I would say 99% of all the podcasts out there, including this one. The question is, does an a

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EP 36 – How To Make Single-Host Podcasts Work

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You are listening to become a successful podcast with Bruce Chamoff. And this particular episode addresses I would say 99% of all the podcasts out there, including this one. The question is, does an all talk podcast succeed? And I can tell you after listening to 1500 podcast episodes to this point, I think that it depends on the type of podcast, the type of podcaster and the type of audience. Some of the podcasts that are all talk succeed. Some do not. What if you have a single podcast host without a co host? And without a guest? How about those type of podcasts? Do they succeed? Well, my friends, well, my podcast is I want to tell you that a lot of the podcasts out there that are all talk and actually single host do succeed. But if you notice, most of the podcasts out there have either a co host or guest every one of them. And if you have heard what Megan has said, Megan said she doesn't like a guest. Jesus wants to be a host and the co host. Okay, but we have to break down what the successful all talk podcasts are doing, and probably what the most successful, single host podcasts are doing. That's really important. And I'll say this, I'm gonna give you a lot of tips and tricks in this one, but I would like you if you have not yet please review us on Apple podcasts. I would love to get a review from you. And I want to get the word out there for all of you. It's really important. Now let's get into it. I'll say that a lot of the podcast is I heard
A lot of the podcasts that I have heard, do it pretty well. But a lot of podcasts can really lose you. And I get lost in a lot of these all talk podcast, there are a lot of reasons for and maybe you get lost in mind. Okay, I can admit that. But that's the way it is. That's the nature of all talk podcast. Now, I want to say that when what happens is that people's voices get monotonous after a while. It all depends on what the podcast host actually sounds like. And it all starts with that person. You might like their voice, and you might not. And that's the first thing. Maybe you love my voice, and maybe you hate it. If that's the case, then all talk podcasts might not be for you. But there are lots of ways to break up the monotony. And I say monotony because a lot of the podcasts are monotonous. And it's not just a fact. Okay, it could be an opinion, there could be people that might disagree with me about a particular podcast, it's actually monotonous and hard to listen to all the way through. So I have a lot of suggestions for everyone here that's listening for the audience. First of all, you have to question how long your podcast is. And what kind of no talk break, can you take? No, I coined this term called the no talk break, because it is exactly what it sounds like. It's a break where you're not talking. And here is the guideline for every 15 minutes. Break once. So if your podcast is 60 minutes, 60 divided by 15 minutes would be for no talk breaks. It's that simple. But what exactly is a no talk break? That could be anything where you're not the one talking, the host is not the one talking, especially with a single host podcast. All right now, I will say this when you have 15 minutes. Now this podcast, a lot of my episodes are only 15 minutes. So I will break after about seven or eight minutes. And I'll play that a lot of you know this, because you've listened to a lot of my episodes, I play an ad. And that is my no talk, rake. But I also can play music. At the very end of a lot of my shows, I play a lot of songs. And I actually write because I'm a songwriter, and you can get me on Spotify, and become my listener. If you do not like playing music on your podcast, and you also do not want to have ads. That's okay. You can play an audio clip from anybody. Maybe you have a podcast that you actually enjoy. And if you want to get the permission from the host, or the producer of that podcast, you could play an excerpt excerpt from that particular episode. You can push your favorite podcast because maybe your audience members might like it also. You know how I do it. I always say we'll take a break. And then I play an ad. But I also played the music as I was, as I said, there were other ways to put some music or actually take a no talk break. And when I say there are ways to take I we're going to stop this
I also play music, sometimes my own music, and sometimes other artists music. There is such a thing as podsafe music, and a lot of podcasters are not aware of this. But in 2006, they had a website called the podsafe music directory. It's not up today, and I don't know why. But it had musicians, including, including myself, uploading the original music, and telling podcasters that even though there was a copyright, that the music was copyrighted, that it was okay to play the music on your show. And you would not be infringing on the copyright, because it was listed on this podsafe music directory. So now, the New York City Podcast Network has a podsafe music directory. So artists can actually upload their songs, which I think is great. Even if it's copyrighted, so I go and get other people's music, the podsafe ones, of course, because I don't want to be sued, or I just play my own songs. If there's a song out there, where the song title or the lyrics pertain to the theme of your podcast, by all means, go get it and play it. And if you're not sure it's pod save. There's nothing wrong with contacting the artist or the producer. That is a really great way to break up the no talk and take a no talk break. Right so it's great. Actually, we're gonna say we're going to cut that one out.
That is a great way to break up an all talk podcast with a no talk break that kind of like that it has kind of a ring to it right? Break up your all talk podcast with a no talk break, see how to get a feel so cool. And that's a really great way to do it. So I'm going to actually practice what I preach, and we're going to take a break. When we come back. We're going to talk more about a single host podcast as well as an old talk podcast. So you guys after the break
And we're back. Now, if you have a review on Apple yet, please do I want to tell you that the single hosts podcast, I hear a lot of them, and how do they sound? to people who are subscribing to your audience members? The best way to find out is to ask them. So I'm asking you guys, do you prefer me to have guests? Or do you prefer a co host? Like me, Megan? Or do you just want me to keep on doing this all by myself as the sole single host? Well, I don't know if it's actually that good. I mean, I think that a single host podcast is kind of boring. After a while you do get tired of the host boys, it does happen. And I'm being very honest, and saying, this is something to watch out for. And I will say that every three to four episodes, if you're doing a single host podcast, and an all talk podcast, then bring on a guest. Okay, every three to four episodes, that's the best way to do it to keep your audience going. It's the best thing to do. Because it's great to break it up. So instead of having just a no talk break, you're gonna have an entire podcast episode, where the guest and maybe bring on a guest host. Anyway, you want to do it anyway, you want to call it or label it. I'm just saying just don't be a single host. For every single podcast episode. I think it just kind of bores people a little bit. I don't know if I'm bored, you guys, but I'm being honest. That's the way it is. I mean, when I listen to these podcasts, I know the same thing. Now. Another tip, if you are definitely doing a single host podcast, the one thing I'm going to ask is not to have a monotone voice. Oh, I hear a lot of podcasters that have monotone voice. Some have emotion. I don't think I'm monotone. You want to be animated. You want people to actually hear you as an animated person. I hear a lot of podcasts, some of these podcasts as my friends. And I won't name names. And it could be me as well. I think that having a monotone voice drives people away, it really does. Okay, don't just talk like this. Don't just talk like this. Because 45 minutes of this will actually bore people. I do have a podcast where Megan and I did a podcast on monotone. We did an episode on monotone podcast. So check that out. Because that was a fun one where we had some laughs Hope you guys heard that one. That was a lot of fun to do, because we got to make fun of monotone. And I was like that in the beginning too. So if this is you and you think you're monotone, I would definitely suggest that you break it up with maybe every two to three episodes to three to four. The monotone is a big problem for a lot of podcasters be animated. One way to do that is to talk with your hands. Just talk with your hands. Even if you don't in person, do it in front of the microphone because you can actually become more animated and less monotone that way, even if you think you're like this, but right now I'm talking monotone. But I'm moving my hands around, which is something that monotone podcast hosts don't do. You can see the fun I'm having. I'm having a lot of fun. And I think a single host podcast can do well by playing music. If you don't want to move your hands around, there are so many alternatives. Let me review this for the single host podcast. First of all, number one, don't be monotone or try not to. And if you have to be monotone because that's just the way you talk and happens. Then I would say get a guest bring on a guest or co host. Maybe that's why people have co hosts already or guests because they don't they want someone to talk to you because a lot of guests I noticed are very animated and more animated than the podcast hosts themselves. Do you ever noticed that? Also, something that's pretty cool. is playing music, some background music as you're talking a little bit, just low volume, just low volume, just so the monotone voice doesn't really become boring. Playing music in the background really helps. And I made this suggestion to a lot of podcasters. And they have actually taken my advice. So thank you very much you know you are. And the next tip in this recap is always take a no talk break every 15 minutes. So if you have half hour podcasts, you take two of them. If your podcast is only 15 minutes, like the average of this one, then break it up every seven to eight minutes. And that is it. I'm going to play you a preview of a new song that I'm working on. I've had a lot of cool people work on this with me. So my drummer, I'm in New York but my drummer Jason is from Austin, Texas. And I have a I have Kylie, who is actually from Kentucky. And then there's me. So this song is called life. It's not even on Spotify yet, but you can get it on SoundCloud. So I'll put the address here. But enjoy this song. And I will see you all in the very next episode. Today's Friday, Have a nice weekend.  

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