EP30 – The Power of your RSS Feed

You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it, build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now, here's your host, Bruce Chamoff. becom

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EP30 – The Power of your RSS Feed

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You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it, build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now, here's your host, Bruce Chamoff. become a successful podcaster with Bruce Chamoff. And in this special episode, I am going to play you the audio from my video presentation of the pod no 2021 event. And my presentation was the first one. It was titled The power of your podcast RSS feed, and I have a video, I just put up a YouTube video. So look in a description of it for the URL, and then click on it. And you can actually see a presentation, I talked about Seinfeld, I talked about other sitcoms from the 90s as part of the RSS feed presentation. So it's not just a boring thing on RSS feed, because let me tell you, your RSS feed is very, very, very powerful. And before we go on, again, I'm going to ask you to review us on Apple podcasts if you have not yet. Now, again, look into description of this episode for the address of the YouTube URL. So you can see the presentation as well. It was a 20 minute presentation. But I guarantee that when you are done with this video, you will think differently about your RSS feed. It's not the technical thing that you think it is, you have to question why it's free everywhere. Like why is everybody, all the podcast hosting platforms offer an RSS feed. So without further ado, I am going to put the audio in, you are welcome to watch the video. But if you're in your car right now, I still think the audio will help you understand how powerful and beautiful your RSS feed is.

Without further ado, here's the presentation, give me 20 minutes here. And I promise you, you will think differently about the RSS feed. I know that when people join our podcast network, they they freeze up when I say the word RSS feed, they don't know what it's about. But I can guarantee you that it is one of the most magical and powerful tools to promote your podcast and actually grow your audience. Get your content out there. So I'm gonna give you guys a little bit of a presentation of my own. And then mark helper it will be coming up at 915. So let's go ahead let me share the screen. And that will be right here. Okay. Great. So I know that some of you have seen this little orange icon and have wondered, What is it for? And how do I use it? And why is it free? Everywhere I go, I see the RSS feed icon. It's everywhere. It's the New York Times uses. The New York Times Online uses the RSS feed to distribute all of their articles. But how does this pertain to your podcast? Well, let's talk about it. So I'm showing some of the most successful sitcoms in TV history. And I know that one of there's one in here that you have heard of maybe all of them, maybe you've watched all of them. Now, the interesting thing is we're going to talk about TV, and I'm going to tell you how this pertains to your podcast.

Okay, so the interesting thing is when Seinfeld or friends or any of them were on the air in 19 in the 90s. They were in a phase called primetime. primetime is basically when a television show airs for the very first time or its episodes, airs for the first time. And here's the key word I said episodes. You have episodes for your podcast. Well. Let's talk about when Seinfeld went off the air. For those of you who are diehard Seinfeld fans, it went off the air in 1998. never to be seen again ever on the original channel station, which was NBC. Actually, I think all these shows were in NBC, right? Maybe the rest of the development was on ABC. Okay after 1998 you could not get some Felt anywhere for maybe could or could you have. Now let's fast forward to one more year 1999 we have a newborn baby. I know there's millions of newborn babies. Okay? So one of those newborn babies. their parent parents were into Seinfeld. And now in 2021, that newborn baby is a 22 year old adult. Parent comes up and says, you know, when I was your age, there was a really cool sitcom in the 90s, called Seinfeld, but it was before your time. 22 year old says, oh, shoot, I can't see this anymore.

My parents liked it. But parents like friends, they like all these shows. But I can't see it anymore. Because it's off the air. It went off the air before I was even born. However, we have this little thing. We have reruns. And reruns is a way of where, and I know all of us who were living in the 70s 80s 90s, probably 2000 saw D shows come back to life on other channels. Their episodes were called reruns at that point. But what made reruns possible? Well, we got to look at it like this. Seinfeld originally was on NBC up until 1998. And then after 1998 some of these channels probably like 1000s of channels, were able to put the reruns on. Right, you can go to any of these channels and see old episodes. Again, reruns. So it didn't really die if the Primetime did it. Think about how this can pertain to your podcast. Your podcast is here where Seinfeld is, is going through a particular station, and then somewhere along the line, it's going to be available in other media outlets. Maybe Maybe not. Well, it went off the air in 1998. Well, this is the actual concept that takes reruns and puts them out there. syndication, syndication, very simply taking content in one place, and putting it in another. Hope you can see how powerful that could be for your podcast. If you're still not convinced, let's go here. Your podcast is available through syndication through an RSS feed. This RSS feed is going to take your content, put it everywhere, any buddy that accepts an RSS feed, you will be able to pick up new audience members and subscribers just from this little orange icon. That's free. You don't have to pay any money. There's no marketing expenses here. Now, we got to really go through what these letters really mean. Right? So RS s, the R stands for really, wow, the word really doesn't mean anything. It's an adverb that enhances the word that comes after it. Right makes it better. So what's the word that comes after? Really? What's the first s? Simple? Okay, well a lot of things in life are really simple aren't a lot of things are simple. A lot of things are really hard to but a lot of things are really simple. This doesn't really say much does it? So let's go to the next s. syndication. Wait a minute syndication on the second. Did I just talk about syndication up here? Well, we're making the connection now. I hope. Seinfeld cheers, friends. They're all in syndication somewhere else. Well, we go back down here. Your podcast can be syndicated. Okay, and that's really just a great concept. Everywhere. Okay, now let's go further. It's free. Like I said, that's the biggest part is it is totally free. You don't have to buy it. So I want to ask some people some questions. We have Lipson and I'm going to unshare the screen for just a quick minute.

Okay, so I'm gonna share the screen now. I want to ask everybody a question here. How many people? actually better yet? I'm gonna bring up a poll. So answer this question how many people are on buzzsprout anchor Lipson popping? I see people answering already. Okay, great. So you could see that these popular podcast platforms are they all have RSS feeds when you upload your episodes, they make your episodes available through that little orange icon. Now I'm still waiting for some people to answer we got a lot of people answering by the way. Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and end it and I'm going to share the results with you. So it turns out that there's kind of a tie between anchor and Lipson and by the way, we had the Vice President of partnership strategies. Rob Greenlee talking a little bit later today as well. So for those of you who are actually on Lipson, you can actually get a presentation from somebody who actually works at Lipson, but anchor gives you your RSS feed for free. So does Lipson buzzsprout. They all do. And I just got I think it was I think was Tim right Tim just said unsurprised it's so diverse. I have to watch the chat here, don't I? I'm surprised it's so diverse. I only ever hear ads for anchor. Yes. But anchor Tim is probably one of the most popular ones that I've seen buzzsprout, too. And I mean, they're all popular. Now, somebody shared two responses for other. So in the chat, can you do me a favor? For those two people that said other? Can you just kind of put type into the chat? What? Here we go, type what your podcast platform is. And I have one person who just said how to do these differ from Apple gjort, Google, and blueberry? Well, we're going to talk about that, too. So for those of you who have two people who answered other. Okay, so let me go ahead and stop sharing these. Great. So you can see how popular This is. And I'm going to address that question that just came over. We got simple caste and SoundCloud. Alright, so we have some podcasts also on Soundcloud in simplecast. There's also red circle. There's, there's a whole bunch of them. I couldn't put them all in the poll for you. But that's why the other is there. But I know what's going on. And I see it all the time when people submit their podcasts on the New York City Podcast Network. Okay, so let's stop sharing. Now. Let's continue to share and I'm going to address that one question that just came over about Apple. So going back, you can see that Lipson buzzsprout, anchor and pod bean and probably SoundCloud, simplecast. I mean, I can go on, they all give this to you for free. Now, if you're still not convinced about this RSS feed.

The interesting thing about it is that Apple podcasts, show hands all right, and that lower net raise your hand button on the bottom. Tell me who is on Apple is your podcast on Apple right now? Got a lot of hands going up. Great. It looks like almost everybody's on Apple podcasts. Well, do you know that Apple also shows your podcast through the RSS feed that is provided by anchor a buzzsprout? It's that is incredible, right? When somebody comes to your podcast on Apple, they do not care or even know where your content is stored, do they? They don't know if it's on buzzsprout. They don't know if it's an anchor and they technically don't care. They're coming to Apple and they're just hitting that play button, and maybe the rating your podcast, given your review. Hopefully you're getting good reviews on your podcast. But when somebody comes to Apple, your subscribers, what are you going to tell them in the podcast in your actual episodes, subscribe to us on Apple or rate us on Apple or subscribe to us on anchor. Which one sounds better? Right, which one sounds bigger? Well, what's very cool is that for those of us who have actually taken care of our own podcasts, the RSS feed makes that 100% available. And that's the magic of our RSS feeds. Now, going back to this slide, if you're still not convinced, and I know a lot of people still not convinced about the RSS feed, because this is probably one of the most misunderstood marketing tools, and it is a marketing tool. It's also a content distribution tool. It is that powerful. Is it power, Spotify. And if you can see in the upper right hand corner, I have the New York City Podcast Network, we also show everything through the RSS feeds. And if you have mobile device who doesn't have a mobile device today, right, there are RSS feed mobile apps. That's right, your podcast can be available through any of these RSS feed mobile apps, most of them are free. And you can download a few yourself, put your own podcast into it or your RSS feed, and you will see all of your Episodes past episodes from number one, all the way to your most recent episode, the RSS feed automatically updates itself. And that alone is powerful. So now, like I said before, the New York Times Online, all their articles are syndicated through RSS feed, and I was even subscribing to a few. But Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, they all have RSS applications, so if you want to get your podcast episodes on Facebook, you can do it through one of Facebook's RSS apps. So there's no limit to what the thing is, this thing is just data. Nobody has to look at that data, because everybody who uses the RSS feed looks at it like a regular web page or a mobile app. And they're going to be looking at your podcast. And hopefully, those RSS apps will have a play button to hit the play button. And as it'll hear your episodes, you might want to tell people on your next episode, Hey, take our RSS feed, put it into your mobile app and take our podcast with you on the go. Now No, they can do that anyway. But I'm just saying there is no limit to what the RSS feed can do. And what I'm going to do right now, I hope by now you're all convinced how wonderful this tool is. I am going to take some q&a right now. We have Mark halberd coming up at 915. And as 15 minutes from now I'm looking down at my clock. And I just I know a lot of people are still coming in. So I want to actually welcome the people who didn't hear my welcome message and tell you that the speakers who are on right now are waiting to give their presentation. They're all handpicked, all curated, if you want to say that word and they're all experts in their field. Or if they're not experts, they're just amazing speakers. And some are both so people who I've known for years, and people who I met during the pandemic. So I think that these people I've been friends with on business acquaintances with, and they're all just amazing speakers and educate gonna educate you and entertain you. So hang around, if you can hang around for the entire 12 hours. That would be awesome. I know you probably can't, because that's not that's a lot to ask. But don't miss any presentations. That's all I can say. And I want to just basically, I want to welcome the speakers. You can see them right now in the window. And if you're not a speaker, then what I'm going to do is I'm probably just going to make you an attendee. Now what I'm going to do at this moment is I'm going to take some questions, you can actually you can click the q&a icon on the bottom of zoom, and open up the questions and just have anything on the RSS feed. You can ask or you can even ask in the chat if you want to know questions. Yeah, I guess we have no questions. Guess people quite understand what's going on with the RSS feed. Looks like I got a question here. So the question I got from Brian. Two questions from Brian. Okay, let's answer both of them. If I am posting via blueberry, I am using Am I using this? I would say you know, I don't know much about blueberry. I do know the person who started it. Todd Cochran, who also wrote a book. The book I actually picked up in 2005 on podcasting. I don't know I believe I saw an RSS feed on blueberry. But one thing is that, I don't know if blueberry gives you the RSS feeds to distribute to Apple, they might do it themselves for you. So I'm not really 100% sure. But if they don't, if they don't do it for you, then you're welcome to just open up your Apple podcasts and put the RSS feed in. I don't have time to explain that here. But you can probably Google it. So I hope, Brian, that answers your first question. And the next question is, if not, how do I add it to our distribution. So when you are distributing, you're basically the RSS feed takes care of the distribution for you. So takes your content, and you will go to whatever website you want to get your RSS feed onto, I explained apple. But maybe there are other websites or other podcast networks, that when you sign up, they usually ask you for your RSS feed. And at that point, once they put your page live, it will be available. As a matter of fact, let me just mark that I answered this one live. And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to share the screen with you one more time. And let's see if I can actually just get this. Okay. He cast network here. And Brian, thank you for your questions. I hope I answered them. Anybody else has questions? We have five more minutes. So the New York City Podcast Network. During the newest podcast, anybody who joins, you click right on there is their icon. And what happens is, let me just go ahead and wait for this thing to open up. Little slow today, I don't know why can be my internet. Okay, here we go. So this particular podcast has the RSS feed. If you click on the RSS feed, it's going to take you to buzzsprout because that's where they're hosted. And it looks like a web page. But behind the scenes, it looks like this ugly text this code. But here exactly what it looks like now, on the podcast network, we can show all of the most recent episodes all the way Dennis Morrison has over seven episodes, all the way down to the first one. That was over a year ago. So that alone is amazing. Because we don't have to constantly update the episodes. Nobody has to call us and say, Hey, Bruce, I put a new podcast episode out there. Can you update the website? I never have to because it's right there on in your RSS feed. So I hope that shows how powerful it is. And we got another question here. Tony asked, I have to attend other meetings and come back later. How do I register? Tony, I think you're you have the email that just gives you the link to come in. And since you're already registered, it shouldn't make you register again. So that's pretty much it. And Any other questions?

Do we still have people coming in? That's awesome. We had over 100 people register for this event. And I guess some people it is kind of too early for some people. Some people are on the west coast. So probably five, five or six o'clock in the morning over there. And anybody else have questions? Okay, so what I'm going to do, is I'm just going to kind of let some people actually just speak you can ask me for five minutes, I'll allow you to mute. Bruce's mark, question for you. How long until the recording of this will be available for people have attended? So the great good question. We are going to record each presentation so all throughout the day, you're going to hear what zoom says recording on we're recording off and I will hopefully make them all available within the next week or two. Okay, great. Thank you. So what I'm going to do right now probably stop the recording and then restart it right before Mark comes on. Good morning, everybody. It's nice to Hey everybody, this is Donna Drake your top box in the middle according to my screen

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