EP 27 – Can You Podcast With Your Smart Phone – Part1

You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it. Build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now here's your host, whose channels podcas

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EP 27 – Can You Podcast With Your Smart Phone – Part1

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You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it. Build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now here's your host, whose channels podcast is listed on the New York City podcast. NYC podcast network.com. This is the New York City Podcast Network for over 500 podcasts in over 30,000 episodes. become a successful podcast with Bruce and with Megan. Hi, everybody. Hi, everybody. We are now podcasting from Studio number two. We have three studios in the house now. So the Studio One is the one that has the nice echo the reverb it's got the nice room dynamics. Where's that Bruce the bathroom? No, but people do that people actually podcast when their bathroom it's funny us know, the bathroom is not meant to podcast. Although I do know a lot of musicians also that don't have a reverb box. So they go into the bathroom where their microphone to get that reverb sound. But nowadays, you can just download a program like audacity that has the podcast that's made for podcasting, and has reverb and 50 other effects. So you'll need to go into your bathroom. Now. Studio One, studio two is three or three. And this is studio two.

Now, before we talk about podcasting with your phone, and if you can do it, if you haven't reviewed us on Apple, iTunes or Apple podcasts, please do actually is formerly iTunes for a podcast that was just Apple podcasts. So Megan, how can we actually podcast with our phone? And is it contagious? To do so? And if so, what are the benefits? Or the advantages of going to do a podcast on your phone? Well, I'm going to say that I'm going to reveal to our audience that yes, we do a lot of podcasting on my Android, my Samsung Galaxy S 10. So yes, you can podcast on your phone. Megan has an iPhone. And all it takes is one of those voice recorder apps that handle memory because they got to handle good memory. And if you haven't decided to do this yet, because you're always podcasting on your fancy schmancy microphone. We do have one, we have a Samson. We have a Samson. And I use it for recording all my music, all the vocals. I also was using it for the photo for the podcasting. And it's a USB connection. But I found that I get much better sound quality for my smartphone. So we decided to do this podcast right on our phone. We're not using a podcast Mike. I know they had that big one out there was the new one called snowball the snowball microphone is Dino Megan the sell it and Best Buy and I have not seen it. It's kind of because of COVID I basically sit in the house, Bruce. Well now because podcasting is so big. There are stores like Best Buy and Walmart. They have sections just for podcast microphone. Do you know that? I've seen it?

I know you were thinking of going to staples to pick up a few staples too. Oh, yeah. Well, staples has an interesting thing.

They have the ring with a little thing that holds your phone. And this is more for video because I got that round ring light. And some of them are white, and some of them are different colors. But we are talking about podcasting on your phone. And let me tell you, in the world where podcasts are becoming very competitive, and the more episodes you put out, the more you get SEO, the more your audience can grow, the more longevity and consistency you have with your podcast. What if you're traveling and you don't take your microphone, you'll pack it. Maybe you can't bring it on the plane. Or what do you think, Megan? You just get a thought. And you want to put it down for your next podcast. Megan, what do you do? Do you actually use your iPhone? Yeah, I take the voice app app out and I jot down a bunch of vocals that we've sometimes we just say this sounds great. And I say Bruce, we should do this on the next podcast and he says we have the thought now. Let's do it right now. And we say what we need to say, so that we capture that moment. Yes. Now this makes sense because the last couple of episodes, one of our recent episode was us at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. And we were waiting for our flight.

We were waiting the board. So for those of you that have not heard that episode with us in the Las Vegas, airport or otherwise known as McCarran International, check that out was just two or three episodes ago, you handed out the annoying noise in the back Ray. Yeah, all the people saying your phrase going to read in 10 minutes, you know, we've only got 10 minutes and we will be billboarding. Military and handicap what we recorded in restaurant in Atlantic City. We've recorded in airports we've recorded in the call. Yes, the Olympic city episode. For those of you with our audience members, if you haven't heard the Atlantic City episode, that is one of the most popular ones on this podcast. We did it all on the phone. Right? Yeah, I think we did in different restaurants in Atlantic City. Yeah. Did we do it in Philadelphia? No, I think that when you were discussing you're surprised we didn't on the road from Philadelphia to to Atlantic City. Yeah, I think so. Is that hotel we stayed at I don't even remember that fancy one. Where Oh, the ocean one or the other ocean Paris. We say the two hotels in Atlantic City. The big three we did Harris the first time and then in the same weekend we did the Hard Rock that we did ocean one. So we like to sometimes switch hotels mid trip. Don't Ask Don't ask. Mid trip we stayed one night at one hotel we stayed one night it was said that Las Vegas to which I do the Mandalay Bay, and then we switch to the Cosmopolitan. And then we were gonna go to then we were gonna go to Santa Monica. You know, we sometimes do stuff like that, because we're just an adventurous bunch us travels, adventurous travels. And not advantageous but advantage ish. So let's talk about the advantages advantage. Why not? Why do I have a problem saying that word because it's late at night. Oh, this is late night podcast at 9:30am. We not going to know no one's going to hear this at this very second. We just do like a live one. But let me tell you, our dear audience members, we're going to talk about some of the advantages when we come back from these messages right here. become a successful podcaster.

And we're back, everybody. So we're going to talk about the advantages of using your phone instead of your microphone for podcasting. Now, Megan had a good one here. So Megan, what's the first advantage of using your phone? It's time efficient, because you can be walking to the office. Let's say you're here in New York, you take a train, you commute, and then you have a 20 minute walk, you can make your podcast while you're walking, so you can multitask. So you could save time making a podcast, you know what that reminds me of from the 70s.

In the 70s, they had those tiny tape recorders, the mini recorders, right, those little cassette tapes. Whenever you had a thought you had with you, those little tape recorders or like pocket size, right. And you could just record any thought that you had, and you played it back at any time. Of course, we don't have cassette tapes. That's very good, Megan. And the other advantages, some people just don't have money, they want to starting podcasts, they don't want to pay a lot of money. They everybody has a phone. And I know that 99% of everybody take they have their phone with them at all times. So you don't really need that podcast microphone. And a good podcast microphone can cost anywhere from $75. And up. A lot of people just don't have the money. So you got it, you got a free microphone, and it goes with you wherever you want. Now, the third advantage is if no, I don't know. Yeah, I assume is for the same thing for iPhone. I know that the anchor app because I use anchor for our podcast. It has a built in podcast recorder. So you can record directly into the app. And it gets uploaded through the cloud, right to anchor so that alone.

I don't use the anchor app for one reason, because they don't have the best editing tools. And I need to edit our podcast. A lot of the podcasts I'm doing lately with Megan, I don't edit because we keep them for bloopers pretty much are just funny moments. Yes, folks, we are coming out with a funny moment. Funniest Moments episode. That'll be part one, putting that together with some of the bloopers there. And yeah, I think that those advantages, I mean, I actually, believe it or not, I actually think that the phone has a better sound. Then the podcast microphones like these USB mics. I don't know why. But the part the the phone is just so much better. Maybe not everybody's phone. But there you go. Let me summarize this for you. Number one, you might not be able to afford a microphone for your podcast. And if you want to start a podcast for free, and we'll be doing an episode on starting a podcast for free, you can do use your phone, you already got it. Number two, you can just put it down, start your episode, just like those mini recorders from the 70s and 80s. And know my father had one. And number three, you can podcast wherever you are, you don't have to worry about getting back to the office of the studio. Number four, some platforms allow you to podcast directly to them right through the app through your phone too.

I just use the recorder app here, which is a good one on the Samsung Galaxy. And finally, and my favorite advantage. The phone just sounds better. It's a better microphone. And it goes with you wherever you want. Megan, what do you think? I agree with you 100%. We tried microphones we tried many different ways. And for some reason the phone sounds the best sound quality and it's I don't get it. But it's that's the way it is our phone actually sounds the best. It's called a smart phone. Not a smart microphone. No, no, no. One thing we do do is we make believe we make believe we make sure we're equally distant from the mic. Because if one of us is at a different thing, it doesn't come out the same quality. Yeah, try to be equally distant from the microphone in that font. Yeah, I think I'm a little closer.

My voice is always a little closer when I hear it. But, you know, I want to shout out to a couple of people who are supporting our podcast. These podcasters are very supportive of our show. And that starts with Mr. Scott Mason from the purpose highway podcast. Excellent podcast. I also want to give a shout out to Frank Sasso from the anxiety therapist podcast who is becoming a very huge supporter of our podcasts in many ways, and we're going to be guests on each other's Show I'm looking forward to that. And we're just talking about the time that we're going to meet and what we're going to shoot the actual audio content. And I also want to give a shout out to Antoinette Blake of the Delaware blogger. She's also a very you know, we've actually did a show with her as well. So listen, guys, I know Megan has a song that she wants to play one of my music, my original songs, which one is it going to be? I never know till I asked her. It's going to be put your foot down, put your foot down while you really go through that l that old album. I love that you put that you're gonna live it. You're gonna love it to put your foot down. It's from the album in your world. You just go through the whole new world album, aren't you?

My favorite. I'll tell everybody again. In case this is the first time you're hearing my singing. I was very young when I did that album. I was probably what 1998 when I recorded it came out 99 and my singing has gotten better since then. All right. Megan is going to introduce the song right now. Put your foot down from the album in your world. Here is Bruce Chamoff. See you guys in the next episode. By the phone the people that call you can win. The firewalls become your daily view. The one place to wander oh well advise what you want and you want now. No, you're wrong. Take a love. Do what you want the choice. You must realize that you're nobody's gonna want to hear the one no well what you want and you want it now. Open your mouth. Shut down. Before it's too late, put your foot down. No, you're wrong. Take a lug around. Do what you want. Realize that you nobody's doing what you want to

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