EP 24 – Treat Your Podcast Like A Lobster Roll

You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it. Build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now here's your host, Bruce Chamoff. become

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EP 24 – Treat Your Podcast Like A Lobster Roll

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You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it. Build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now here's your host, Bruce Chamoff. become a successful podcast with Bruce, and Megan. Hi, everybody. Hi everybody. In this episode, we're going to talk about lobster rolls. And Megan has a little story to share about lobster rolls, but why your podcast is like a lobster roll. Or if your podcast is not like a lobster roll, I think you should make it like a lobster roll. And we'll explain what all that is. And this is really about your podcast in 2021. First, Megan wants to share a story with you. That just happened recently. And before she does that, I just want to ask you guys review us on Apple podcast we always review back, you can always just send us a message and let us know when you've reviewed us. But we'll review as well. And Megan, let's talk about the lobster roll story and then we're going to talk about why podcasts should be like Rob's rolls Go ahead. Okay, well if for those of you that are not in the northeast, the Northeast is the mecca of lobster rolls you can't really

Wait wait wait how do you know that we went to Las Vegas and they had lost Oh yeah, but now like here you go up every street you see lobster roll lobster roll every sign everywhere, every restaurant or lobster rolls this is you know in the northeast and the more North you go towards me, the better the lobsters are so Is that true? I didn't know that. Yeah, well what main is is famous for lobster. So Bruce and I have had maybe a dozen lobster rolls in the last six months or so and I'd say that's because lobster rolls are everywhere where yes and so I love lobster rolls and my favorite lobster roll of all time was a lobster roll that I had in Connecticut It was no way in Connecticut yes no way we went up to mystic mystic Connecticut yeah leave last spring Bruce and I took a trip up to Meadow was less less October we went to mystic we went to the Norwich and we went to two places. Yeah, and I had this lobster well we found this local place that had lobster roll you remember the name? No whack. No no, no the towel No, Connecticut. No lobster in the rough Ashley it's called avesh Abbott's avid lobsters in the rough this place was on the water was a tiny little shack you sit on benches in the back. But I don't know what about this place. It was so delicious.

Every time I hear it I salvage and also the end they also practice safety standards for COVID-19. Are they certainly Yeah, that lady yo armbian Stand back. The lady yelled at me stand back and wear your face mask and all that so it's on there pretty safe. Okay, so in any case, that was last year, last October, I had this lobster roll. And I periodically think about it and Salvy every time I have a last year Oh, it's not living up to this lobster roll. So Bruce, and I took me it was took me on a surprise trip to Boston. Yes. About a month ago. He his surprise trip is he doesn't tell me where are we going? Well, yeah, the car course. He put me on. Hold it. Wait, did you hear yourself? He doesn't tell me where we're going on this prize. Of course. It's a surprise. I'm going to tell you he drives this way he drives that way we get on a ferry. I'm like, Where are we going? Then he gets off. He's driving towards Hartford. I pass Hartford, Connecticut, I think all the way on the way to Albany, Albany, New York. Then he gets on the mass pike backed up from seven hours we get to Boston we got stuck in Massachusetts somewhere anyway, no lobster rolls in Boston for me. So I'm thinking I couldn't find a lobster roll in Boston. I'm sure they're there. But I didn't find one. So we're driving back through Connecticut. And we are driving so close to the lobster Abbott's lobster in the rough. It's the next exit. No, hang on.

Wait, this is coming home from boss. Yes, coming home. We're driving back, you know, to our ferry. And he says, Oh, I think we have time before the ferry to go and get a lobster roll at the same place Abbott's so I was elated. Absolutely elated. I was salivating and elated. We see a rest stop we go in the rest stop and he goes to me I'm sorry. We don't have time. Yeah, that's because I didn't mean to do that to you. That's because I looked at the clock and I was thinking what am I crazy. We got to catch our ferry. And rightly so we were all way back in the ferry. Anyway, we got to like an hour early. Even an hour early of the scheduled departure time. We still were backing like what 20 cars back. While we're going back in October to is that yes so and we will make our annual appearance and habits for our laps. Oh, I thought that was a surprise. It was a surprise. I think we're going back to the same weekend we were there last year. No way. Yes. We got to check the cat Yes, I'm sorry. Enough of all this. Let's now talk about why your podcast we're talking to the audience here. Why your podcast should is like a lobster roll or if it's not why it should be.

This is for audience growth and for the growth of your podcast as the end result of this, and here it is. Because now adays in 2021 I keep saying 2022 I don't know why I had that yesterday, I asked you what is it? 2021 or 20 3022? You've got the year old. I constantly forget the year I sometimes forget how old I am. I didn't have my head, it would fall off. Yeah, especially when you took the other guys, luggage Gen. JFK, I got off the plane she takes through on luggage. And she gets it we get halfway home and the guy calls anyway. So what kind of woman I am? Oh, well, I couldn't find the dog tag. that's beside the point. So lobster rolls are everywhere in 2021. every restaurant we go to seems to have lobster roll. Maybe not all of them. But a lot of them do. And I'm trying to figure it out. It just kind of took me by surprise. Every menu, whether it's a seafood restaurant or not, has lobster rolls. And maybe five years ago, it was avocado, avocados were everywhere, right? So it seems to be that every year or two, a new popular food pops up at every single menu. And this year, it's lobster rolls now or is it last year, they kind of hang around for a few years. And then people forget them because the next food trend comes. But at the moment, your podcast, if you want to grow your podcast, you need to be like a lobster roll. And what I mean by that is advertise and market your podcast everywhere. Now this is what I'm doing. And I want to share with you guys when I'm doing because we're trying to make this podcast like a lobster roll also. And when I publish an episode, I want to share it. Obviously the first choice that comes to everybody's mind is social media.

For the most part, right now, we're not completely like this, like we're not completely like lobster rolls. But what we do is all the social media we could think of on Facebook, obviously Instagram, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn. And you know, for those of you that have YouTube channels, obviously you want to make a video we don't have we do have videos, but I just didn't quite get videos out there. But right there, you want people to show up, and you want them to find you everywhere. Now understand something, my dear audience members, it's not just about social media is also about search engine optimization for your podcast, you want your podcast to pop up everywhere. Now we do have an episode on become a successful podcaster on proper SEO for your podcast. And that's getting your podcasts out there. So listen to that episode, because that also will help you become like a lobster roll. And something else I'm going to say also is you want to have like a blog post, make a blog post for all of your, all of your episodes, and you want to kind of transcribe everything that you're talking about. That's what we do here. We're using otter, and they think that we really want to be you know, we want to be everywhere. So it's social media. It's YouTube. What else, Megan, I mean, obviously, you want to do some SEO. And I also want to talk about a sore subject for a lot of podcasters. But a very powerful one, the RSS feed, that is one of your most powerful marketing tools. You got to love your RSS feed, because that will help I actually at pod know 2021 on June 26, I actually did a presentation on the RSS feed. So I might actually give that to you guys, and put that onto a video on YouTube so you can know follow along. But that, you know, my point is that lobster rolls are everywhere.

Right now. They're on almost everybody's menu. And that's what you want to do. You want to somehow make it so that other people are going to put you on their menus, write their social media menus or Facebook pages, everything. It's really important that you get out there. And if you take kinda like you know you treat your podcast like a food trend, okay, lobster rolls or food trend avocados or food trends. Raspberries at one point or a food trend. I think brussel sprouts were a fruit fruit trend at one point. They're everywhere on every single menu. And Megan Do you know what? The most popular way to cook a vegetable nail in restaurants steaming no even more to see me Stevie's kind of old. It's burnt broccoli, a burnt burning vessel. The burning vegetables. That's another one burning I said burning, burning vegetable oil was nice is another food kale, we burn the kale. Oh, you burn the kale, kale chips, you gotta be careful with them because they taste burnt. For some reason if you burn a Brussel sprout, or you burn broccoli, or sometimes you called charge broccoli, they don't taste burnt. It's kind of pretty good. You put like a little olive oil in it. And that's a food trend. So when your podcast you want to become whatever that food trend is at that time. All right, you want to be on everybody's menu. Now the first time I saw what was it burnt brussel sprouts. I was thinking to myself, what is this restaurant? What are they crazy, but then I saw that I saw that in like five of the restaurants. And I'm thinking to myself, you know, what, if my podcast is like this, you know, I can put my podcast out there. You know, it's, I didn't I didn't want to call the episode.

Your podcast is like burnt broccoli or burnt brussels sprouts, because that would. That would be that would sound terrible for your podcast. But everybody loves lobster rolls and you don't have to burn it. So anyway. Megan, of course, is going to pick a song from one of my albums. I never know ahead of time what she's going to say. And just to let you guys know, I've been writing music since I was a kid. And this song is what does this again God's hand? Oh, God said yes. God says that's him in your world. Another song from a new world from 1999. And here it is. 2021. I did say 2022 in the last episode, or the where my head was at the last episode on how to interview a podcast guest. So it's 2021 this, I recorded this 1998 So what is it 23 years ago? My voice was a lot higher than this, but I'm playing piano it's nice ballad. Right? So Megan, go ahead, do your trademark introduction. And guys, we'll see you in the next episode. Please rate us on Apple podcast. Talk to you guys. In that next episode. Bruce Chamoff. Godspeed hands from the album in your world. don't hear on the face. It's hard to comment. best as you can like to say, but just say besties you can just say

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