EP 22 – Do Guests Really Enhance Your Show?

  Do Guests Really Improve Your Podcast? Intro: You have a podcast now it's time to grow it, build your, audience monetize and more. It's all

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EP 22 – Do Guests Really Enhance Your Show?

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  Do Guests Really Improve Your Podcast? Intro: You have a podcast now it's time to grow it, build your, audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcaster. Now here's your host, Bruce Chamoff. Bruce: Become a successful podcaster with Bruce…   Megan: … and Megan, Hi everybody.    Bruce: Hi everybody, now we're talking about the lovely art of podcast guests.    Megan: Oh boy--   Bruce: And do they make your podcast better? None so good or does it not change the quality at all? Now I know that Megan has a lot of opinions on this one and a lot of advice and suggestions. So Megan, I'm going to let you start it off and I'll give my opinion after. Megan what do you think about having podcasts guests on the show?   Megan: Well, the New York City Podcast Network has over 500 podcasts. I've listened to 90% of them. I've listened to the ones with guests, without guests. I will tell you that very, very few with guests do I ever like, if any.   Bruce: How come?    Megan: Because there are many podcasters out there that seem to think that having a guest is wonderful. There's one particular podcaster who is amazing.    Bruce: Oh yeah.   Megan: They...   Bruce: I know that podcaster.   Megan: … they put a guest on every single week, no matter who the guest is and they are dynamic, they are incredible and their guest is a dud. The guest is never as enthusiastic as them.    Bruce: You really do have an opinion this wow.   Megan: I've listened to their podcast all the time. And I just think the person would be much better off giving a chat or talking about something on their own, perhaps researching it, or maybe having every other podcast, that they do a guest, and making sure the guest is high quality. Because if you have a dull person who is monotone, they are going to lose your audience and you could lose your podcast fanbase for good. But I've heard so many of this. I mean, I can't begin to tell you how many people have bad podcasts with guests -- Now some of the best podcasts I have. I'm not saying you shouldn't have-- I like when people have a co-host, actually, my favourite podcast and I'm not mentioning any anybody's thing is one where there's three people on it. There's a couple that has 3 people--   Bruce: Oh yeah, yeah.   Megan: And I have listened to this person's podcasts. Maybe they have a hundred of them-- Hysterical I am a big fan of people playing off each other. If you have 3 charismatic people--   Bruce: But don't you think that some podcasts guests, actually could play off the host and vice versa. Oh, by the way, everybody, I just want to ask you to rate us on apple podcasts, give us five stars, please. Or, any stars as long as just get us a rating. And we want to help you guys succeed. Sorry, Megan. So my question for you is, and you can keep on going. And obviously Megan has a very strong opinion about this.    Megan: I know that when you have-- When have you on the podcast and it's on parenting. If you have a podcast that's on self-help sometimes they like to bring in a person. There have been on the network, the New York City Podcast. There are some podcasts that have such horrific guests that have no inflection. You know what? It could also be they could edit it a lot better too, because you know what? You can improve your podcasting with good editing, which we will cover somewhere else.   Bruce: I want to ask you something. You mentioned something that was very intriguing to me. You said if the podcast, oh, she mentioned a couple of things. And just to let everybody know, some of you have a guest on your podcast. And I think that podcast guests are okay if they don't do something that Megan actually mentioned, which is become monotone. So you said some of the podcast guests that you heard are duds, but I would say not all of them, as long as they're just as dynamic as the host.   Megan: They have to be relevant and dynamic--   Bruce: Relevant and dynamic, yeah dynamics.   Megan: They have to have the same level of energy as the host. Now I know a very dynamic podcast host who constantly has horrific sounding guests. And this podcast is making me crazy because-   Bruce: But you like the host, the host you like.   Megan: The host is the best I've ever heard.    Bruce: One of the best podcast hosts out there.   Megan: This podcast host is my favourite podcaster out there, but, she continuously has terrible guests. So--   Bruce: As long as she's a great hostess and she can carry the whole show.   Megan: She is a great host and I listen to the show because I love the podcaster. And then there's a couple of people that I have seen that had wonderful topic matters, that wonderful topics...   Bruce: Just wonderful.   Megan: … on nutrition on family and they had a guest that was so awful and not to the point. Now, if you do have a guest, I highly recommend that you pre-plan your question.    Bruce: Yea definitely pre-plan the question.   Megan: You don't want to hear the host saying, well, today I did my, totally off topic.   Bruce: I agree with that. I mean, I'll say this. I think that first of all, podcast, guests are very important for making the podcast as dynamic as possible because let's face it I mean, no matter how good the host is, you're going to get tired of that host voice, not all of them. I get it. And a podcast guest is a great way of bringing in some, some variety into your episodes but I will suggest that you don't have guests every single episode. Like a lot of the people do. A lot of podcasters have guests--   Megan: Every episode.   Bruce: I don't believe you can connect with the audience that way.   Megan: And they are so desperate they take horrible guests. like this person walks around the beach, collecting, garbage or something stupid.   Bruce: The one thing I didn't like about this one particular podcast I heard is that the podcast guests kept talking about how great he was. I'm a millionaire and he talked about, my childhood and how my father instilled all these great values into me, now I instil the same values into my kids. And now my kids are taking off after me. And I went to this college and I have that degree. You know what? It wasn't relevant to the subject matter- it's nice to get the credentials. I get it.    Megan: What about the people that want to come on and promote their book? Now, if they want to do it they have to-- I have seen quite a few people promoting things on podcasts and in a bad way. If you want to promote something, you should have a pre made script that's going to come out and draw the audience. Basically why should they, what are they going to gain from your book? What are they going to gain from your movie? What did they have to gain in it? Because time is valuable to people in this world. People are busy, they're working hard, they have families and they don't want to waste their time.   Bruce: Yes, yes I agree. Plan the questions with the guests that's for sure.   Megan: Plan your guest questions and I know it's time consuming, but it wouldn't hurt to rehearse possibly, or send them a list of the questions. And then when they answer, don't be afraid to cut them off, to keep things flowing.   Bruce: That's a good point. I wouldn't say about cutting them off, but more about giving them a time limit and then say, hey, look, when you're talking, you hold up a 30 second wrap up sign. No, you do this like two fingers or something like that say, okay, you're going to wrap it up. Cause you don't want to embarrass the guest as well.   Megan: No what I do is I just wait for a little break in the conversation and I interject the next question.   Bruce: Oh wow.   Megan: But I'm not the type of person that would ever have a podcast guest because I get very impatient with people. And I guess I'm too much of a control freak of a podcast. To want somebody to take it out, towards them. So not for me, guests. I like, co-hosting I like stuff like that, but--   Bruce: You are an amazing co-host.   Megan: I have been guests on podcasts and I don't mind being a guest, but if I'm having a podcast and you want to be my guest, you'll have a tough time.    Bruce: Yeah. And I think everybody Megan's got some good points. I would say that you can have some episodes with guests and some with not. Because remember that you still want your audience to connect with you. And if you're having a guest, every single show, it's kind of hard to connect with your audience. You're just talking to them and you're asking them questions. So I would say you want some episodes where it's just you and the host or the co-host, because it's important to know that your audience is listening to you. They want to hear your voice, but you can always bring in a podcast guest to break up the monotony of your voice as well. Cause I know that my favourite podcast I get tired of the hosts. It's just the way we are. We get tired of things when we hear them too much. And that's okay.    But you bring in a guest once in a while. It's fine. But I will say this, you should definitely definitely make sure that you're connecting with the audience at the same time that the guest is on. And you can also tell the guests that they can connect with the audience too. Make that a requirement because you don't want to lose your audience members. If you listened to the last episode that we came out with, which is called connecting with your audience for growth, that has a lot more information. So you can definitely check that one out. And I would say for sure, we do a lot of these things where we don't have a lot of guests on our podcast on this one, because I think that I would rather talk to the audience, just you, the audience members for sure. And, give all the strategies and tips and even secrets that make a successful podcast and make you a successful podcaster. So it's really important for that one.    We're going to take a quick break and then we're going to talk, we're going to wrap this up with a list, a summary, and then we're going to play some music. See you guys after the break.    And we're back, now we're going to wrap this up, Megan, and then Megan's going to select a song to play.   Megan: Oh, I have it chosen already. My favourite--   Bruce: Don't tell me yet. Don't tell me let's get the recap out of the way. And then you'll surprise me with the songs. So now we're going to just take the last segment before the break, and we're just going to recap. So first and foremost, when you want a guest on your show, give the guest pre-planned questions that's number one. Number two, if you have a guest, make sure that the guest knows the time limit. And you can always hold your fingers up and give them like a warning, like a 60 or a 30 second warning that they're going to have to stop and get ready for the next question. And why not? They do it in all the presidential debates. Oh, we had that last one, a real, crazy presidential debate, but they did it. They have a moderator, right now Megan is doing cat ears with their hands. That's another trademark of yours. Or did I start that?    So number three and probably the most important one is, do not have a guest every single episode. I think that kind of alienates the audience. Remember you are a podcaster and you want people to hear you, not the guests for the most part. So I think it's important that the audience connects with the co-host and the host and not always just the guest. But it's always nice to have a guest every once in a while so you break up the monotony of the voice of the podcast host. Break up the monotony of the podcast host. Okay. And that's it. Megan is going to select a song to play. You guys can get my music on Spotify. Megan, what's the song?   Megan: From 1999.    Bruce: Oh my gosh.    Megan: From the album "In Your World", the title truck "In Your World" by Bruce Chamoff.    Bruce: Oh, wow.    Megan: My favourite.   Bruce: Wow that's 1999. Here it is 2021. Was it 22 years ago?   Megan: But it's a beauty. I hope you all love it as much as I do.    Bruce: I hope you all love it as much as had fun producing it back in 1998 before it came out.    Megan: Well, I listen to this song almost every day. It's one of-   Bruce: Do you?   Megan: It's on my Spotify list.    Bruce: You listen to In Your World every day?   Megan: I listen to In My World, every time I'm in the car, I love that album.    Bruce: Wow.    Megan: You know I only basically listen to that album. Go on Spotify and check this out. It's a little 80sish, a little baldish. If you like David Foster, Bruce is a phenomenal, ballad composer.    Bruce: Oh, thank you.    Megan: And he's, also a very prodigy like pianist. You can hear a lot of his musical ability on this album.   Bruce: Thank you.    Megan: And he's gone into more rock, which is, a lot of that's for other people. It's good stuff now, but I liked it in the beginning.    Bruce: Oh, I never knew you felt that way about this song that we're going to play. And yeah, I was a--, I don't think I sang that well back then, but I was able to hold a couple of notes in this song. I don't know, but this song, I played a piano and I had Joe Bourgeois play the bass and the guitar. A musician I haven't worked with in 20 years since that album came out.   Megan: It's a gorgeous song.    Bruce: Thank you. Well, let's get into it right now we're going to play In Your World which is the title track from the album In Your World from 1999.  

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