EP 41 – Best Instagram Hashtags for Podcasters

Hello podcasters How do we change the world? One successful podcast at a time you're listening to become a successful podcaster with host, Bruce Gemma, rate him on Apple podcasts. You have a podcast.

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EP 41 – Best Instagram Hashtags for Podcasters

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Hello podcasters How do we change the world? One successful podcast at a time you're listening to become a successful podcaster with host, Bruce Gemma, rate him on Apple podcasts. You have a podcast. Now it's time to grow it. Build your audience monetize and more. It's all about becoming a successful podcast. Now here's your host, who's become a successful podcast with Bruce and with Megan. Hello, everybody. Hope you're enjoying your day. That's a new one. That's Hey, I roll with it.
Hey guys, I want to thank everybody for liking us on Instagram. And finally doing some Instagram marketing and also for your reviews and ratings on Apple podcasts. If you have not raised us just yet, on Apple, please do you know the address. I put it right in the description of this particular post. But we are talking about the best Instagram tags for who for a podcast or podcast for whom I meant to say for whom not last podcast article, the preposition and there's a lot of us out there. There's a lot of podcasts that I actually noticed that podcasting is doing very well on Instagram.
I haven't looked though, but I will work. Yeah. And I've been an I have been connecting with a lot of the podcasters on Instagram. Before we move on, I just want to talk about Adrian's network week. We are doing podcast interviews with members of Adrian's network and for those of you who are listening that do not know what Adrian's network is go to Adrian's network.com but this is a business networking group of almost 300 people run by the famous Adrian Miller and I've been a member for 11 years. It's hard to believe, but they're all on LinkedIn. I don't see a lot of Adrian's network members on Instagram. This is strictly about Instagram. And before we go on, so November 1 to November 5, we're going to be recording podcast guest interviews with members of Adrian's network I got Mark Howard coming up on November 1. That's the interview, not the actual podcast release date. And I want Megan just to tell us quickly what you did with your hashtags. It was not for podcasts but tell us quickly what did you do and how fast did you grow your Instagram following familiar with Instagram I was several about two years ago um Bruce told me about Instagram and I had not been big on social media and he told me about Instagram I set up an Instagram account with basically I transferred over 1015 friends that I had and then I started posting pictures that I took a beaches and flowers because I had a lot of them in my my thing and I posted them play flowers and beaches and sunset yeah at sunset so and I started getting people following me first grew crazy.
You got like 6000 followers in like a week? Yes. Now how did I do this? I will do it up best hashtags for different things now, I came to realize that your hashtag is everything. Now hashtags are everything. Okay? That is my advice. Use the right hashtags. I always use follow me follow you. There's a couple of follow me no matter what. Genesis song Yes, you put that we all podcasters should put follow me follow you. Hashtag follow Phil Collins. Yes, I'm hot. Hashtag love is always no matter what I put up I put hashtag love you can do like love podcast. Well, podcast love gets millions of people seeing it. So yeah, so listen, everybody is listening. I want you to go to our new website, Bruce Chamoff. podcast calm, and this episode will be out. I want I want to hear what hashtags that you actually use for your podcast on Instagram. You can leave a comment on my post. I'll put it one you know when I've met blast this out. I'm going to put a blog post up of our audio transcripts to go to the new website Bruce Chamoff podcast.com you get audio transcripts of all of these podcast episodes and mega you can only Put your podcast on Instagram, you can put tags there and you can grow your audio podcast is doing very well in Instagram. And you know what I want, again to hear what you think the best hashtags are for Instagram. So you'll look for this particular blog post titled, best Instagram hashtags for podcasters. And also I'm going to put an Instagram tweet out there too. So I'll put the Instagram tweet link here. So again, that is Instagram. I'll have National Post out there and also the blog post on Bruce Chamoff. podcast calm, I'll put the links in there for everybody. And follow me on Instagram. I'm trying to now grow an Instagram I should have done this a long time ago. And also on Instagram. I'm doing a new campaign 500 podcasts strategies, and I'm putting them out three at a time every day. Follow me on Instagram if you want 500 strategies for your podcast success. I'm putting that out about three times a day are going for 500 we already up to a lot of them. So just follow me on Instagram is just become a successful podcaster that's what it is on Instagram. I changed it is become underscore a underscore successful underscore podcast. So without further ado, Miss Megan. We are going to reveal what the most popular Instagram tags are for podcasters and we're going to do it right after this message.
We got a list here. Megan, do you want to read the list? Or should I, you may have that honor, my dear. Oh, it's actually an honor to read a list of hashtags for such wonderful people, such as our audience members. Okay. So I got a couple that you might not even think of. But again, if I don't list the ones that you use, I definitely want to know about it on my Instagram post, and on my website, so here we go. Here are a couple you might not think of. So podcasting, I'm sorry, podcast marketing. That's one, you probably already use podcasting, and podcast with an S podcast strategies. Here's one that I don't see many people using, but I do see it has a very high search rate podcasters have into Instagram. Let's say out again, podcasters have Instagram podcast networks. Like we have one, podcast, social media marketing, that's a big one. And if your podcast is free, you can even do free advice. That's a really good hashtag, very popular, free tips, free marketing, anything for free as long as you don't charge for your podcast content. Now, here's more podcast introductions.
Like if you're introducing people, or you play some kind of intro, well, the birds are going nuts over there on their search engine optimization. Why? Because podcasting is all about getting search engine rankings the same, so you can use that one. I tap into that one, that's a really good one. Here's more of a podcast, podcast audience. podcast episode, podcast episodes with an S at the end. also grow your show. grow your audience blogging tips because a lot of podcasts do blogging. So getting on the blogging tips as a big one for bloggers, obviously, podcast blog I've seen that one podcast music if you play music on your show, and also podsafe music streaming media because podcast a podcast is a streaming medium yes it is Bruce and if you consider it a marketing strategy, marketing strategies now the season that we're in right now is obviously fall autumn so you can go ahead and you want to get a lot of people back to your Instagram we discussed this last night yes that's what I'm doing the seasons I I've done that too.
That's how I got hundreds of followers. So before autumn I even have one full shows and full podcast. I don't know if that's going to get anything that wasn't very popular but not a bad one. Now. Also a few more that maybe you haven't thought of. I did say four podcasts right? Yes. Here's a few more successful podcast because this is become a successful podcaster and we're now in October 2021. So you could put October 2021 or whatever month the end year it is fall 2021 and here's some more because podcasts are on Spotify. Spotify podcast is a big one. If you have a new season you can put new season How about let's see Oh this one I didn't put a pound number a pound sign on it. Apple podcast is another one. I tried podcast love podcasting love. Successful successful show now.
All the follow ones Megan what's the follow ones? You got to get at least three the follow ones in there have to hashtag follow Yep, follow hashtag Follow me. Hashtag follow me follow you. Hashtag follow me back. Yes. Follow me back. Yeah, and then follow back to I use hashtag follow back. Follow back I Oh, I didn't know about that one. But then what I do is I actually follow the people back. So you gotta you gotta keep your promise by because then they benefit checking and they delete me so you know, you never know I try to follow most of the people though I don't but crazy. Right now if you want to build your audience, there's a few there too. I just say grow your audience before. But audience growth is a very popular hashtag for podcasters. And you can even do podcast audience I think I said that already. Now he said successful podcast is also podcasting success. And if you have a WordPress blog, you can do WordPress, that's a big one too. And you might get a little chastised by the WordPress community. If it's not about WordPress, per se, but hey, you got a WordPress blog, what the heck right. And I talked about a couple of blogging ones before you can just go with blog posts, blogging for podcasters. There's a lot of them.
Now also, I want to give you a couple of other ones. If you're very big on your RSS feed, that's a good one to RSS feed is a really popular one for positive caste has now given you a lot, I know. Now a couple of strategies I want to give people make up your own hashtag. I have a podcast, I've excuse me, I have a hashtag just for Bruce Chamoff. So whatever your full name is, to put it in there or the name of your, of your hash tag. And the reason you want to do that is because if somebody happens to try to look for you on Instagram, all your posts are going to come up in the search, not just, you know, when it goes to your profile, but in the search as well. So I do have one, that's Bruce Chamoff. And I'm going to move on, I got a whole bunch of different groups of different groups of hashtags for my hashtag manager here, but I think I'm starting to run out here I let's see, let's go on. Link Building is another one. But you can do that with two podcasts now monetization.
If you have anything in your podcast about monetizing, you got monetize your podcast, podcast, monetization, and monetize podcast without your you know, so there's a lot there. And I think I've given you all the ones I'm starting to use. So I'm going to ask everybody now, again, go to Bruce Chamoff podcast.com. And I'll give you the link or just look for the post, you got to click on episodes. And then, when you get the episodes just look for this. This will be one at the top because the episodes are listed in reverse chronological order. So the most recent at the top, just look for the best hashtags on Instagram for podcasters. Megan, anything you want to say before we say farewell on this particular episode. No, I think all our fans have been wonderful, wonderful fans, you review us and we will review you. That's how it works here. We're always welcoming new fans. So tell your friends, your family to check in here. And maybe you can introduce somebody new to podcasting and grow the podcasting community. He had told me there's almost 5 million podcast now I know the more the merrier. It's crazy. And winter's coming up going to be indoors and we saw a man who was podcasting with his daughter. He's new to it. Oh yeah, we just put him on the New York City podcast.
He does vacation rental. incorporate your children incorporate your relatives. Yeah, this guy he is he has a vacation rentals. podcast is called Super hosts unveiled. You can go to the New York City Podcast Network and check it out. And he actually is teaching his daughter about real estate I think that's incredible. So you want to grow your podcast? Go close to home friends family very close. And you know you can you never know who they and I also it's always nice sometimes you put your podcast on Facebook, I know we're talking about Instagram, and see if people will like it. Ask your relatives Don't be afraid brothers this day, you might making a post for me. You got to reach out there. You got to take risks. You take action, you got to have go into action. Yes. And we're going to see you in the next episode. We are just we're doing a lot of interviews lately with a lot of great guests. A lot of great friends and supporters and we're supporting their podcast. So check out all the guests that we're interviewing. I'm probably going to group them all on Bruce Chamoff podcast.com I'm so proud of that website. I built it in three days did a lot of work on next beautify. I just worked diligently on that right. And I'll talk to you in the next episode.
What song are we going to play Megan? She's deciding I think we should play something new. Okay. Okay, why don't we play something? Yeah, very new. Something maybe that um, we just put on SoundCloud. Follow me on Spotify everybody, but a brand new songs I produced Justin Get on the cloud is Chase. Gandhi. Jen last folder man can show love just in new way this chase this j century this chase  

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